• About Leif Hansen

    Leif Hansen is a nationally recognized group facilitator, trainer & teacher.  His workshops have been featured on a variety of media including NBC’s Today Show, PBS Online & the LA Times. Leif is known for using highly engaging, playful and innovative processes to accelerate personal growth, catalyze communities and transform teams.

  • About Spark Interaction

    Spark Interaction is a training and development agency with a mission of revitalizing individuals, organizations & communities by supporting them to creatively, meaningfully and joyfully express their authentic passions in ways that benefit those they care about impacting.

    We offer highly engaging,“playformation” based teaching, coaching and  facilitation that include presentations, classes, on- site workshops, off-site retreats or year long experiential group coaching programs.

  • About Our Playformation Process

    Information, by itself, is lifeless.

    Playformation is the experiential learning modality used by Spark Interaction to ignite change and transformation for individuals, organizations and communities.

    Primarily inspired by the rapidly growing field of applied improvisation, Playformation is comprised of a continuously expanding toolkit of innovative exercises, games, simulations and experiments that engages the whole person -not just their disembodied heads.

    Playformation overcomes the limitations and superficial results usually brought about by traditional verbal ‘downloading’ and power-point presentations.

    Playformation creates an environment of safety, trust and freedom essential for helping participants move past the fears and self-limiting beliefs that tend to paralyze them from fully participating in the learning process.

    While playformation most often has specific outcomes in mind, the experience itself is intrinsically valuable because the inter-activities are fun, enrich relationships and allow for confidence building, creative self-expression.