Print Thanks for checking out our Free “Fear Hunters” Huddle -an experiment that I hope will grow and support many people!

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You know that thing you need to do but have been avoiding because of some fear (rejection; failure; overwhelm; etc.)?  Join a growing group of of conscious creative professionals (and others) facing our fears & resistance together. I’ve created this weekly huddle for myself just as much as for supporting others 🙂 We all have fears in our lives that we have a hard time facing. Fear isn’t a bad emotion, it’s just an emotional signal, yet not listening to that signal and to what & how our heart needs to respond to those fears isn’t very effective, helpful or fun. Been there? Done that? Join us to hunt down (or hug!) your fears and resistance! superhero_male

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The Basics

I know of 3 elements that really help me to face my fears:

  1. Inner support (i.e. healthy beliefs and practices; meditation; prayer; connection the the ‘Divine; radical self-acceptance and love, etc.)
  2. Support from others (i.e. friends, family, communities of support, coaches, peer groups, etc.)
  3. A focused plan of action.

It’s in that spirit that I’m offering you (and me!) this free weekly tool that gives you each of those elements…

Next Steps, How it Works:

Here’s how it works:

  1. Make a conscious, heart-led commitment to spend 1-3 hours that day facing at least 1 action you’ve been afraid of / resistant to doing.
  2. Call in (get the # below) on Thursday 8:45a PST to join me & others in a live 15 min grounding /heart-centering practice.
  3. (Optional) Use the “Fear-Hunters Focus Form” (before or after call) to get clear, focused & learn from your results. There’s even points! 🙂 (See below)
  4. Go on the adventure of facing your fears, knowing others are joining you in spirit during the next 1-3 hours.
  5. (Optional) Keep your phone/skype call on during this time for a sense of presence/connection to the group (or if others are live you could chat.)
  6. (Optional) Log your results and learnings on your “Fear-Hunters Focus Form” (See below or go to )
  7. (Optional) Call back at 11:45a-12:00p and we’ll break into partner groups to share how our ‘adventures’ went.

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(Optional) Use the Free "Fear Hunters" Focus Form