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LILA Cards: Playful Practices for Creative Heart-Led Living

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So, what the heck is a LILA Cards deck?

LILA (pronounced ‘lee-la’) Cards are a set of 26* powerful, playful, simple spiritual practices that will help you revitalize & reconnect to your deep heart. They have a beautiful cover (see below) and each card gives a “Preamble” and “Practice” instructions on how to playfully put them into practice!

More and more people are learning about the life-changing power of both improvisational play (checkout Stuart Brown’s TED Talk) and mindfulness practices (recent Harvard study proving that meditation rebuilds the brain.)  It’s time for spiritual practices to break free from their often boring, rigid or ‘holy’/’serious’ confines and for playful, creative exploration  —LILA!  See below for card details and examples.

LILA cards are a powerful tool to help those who want to experience & develop a set of diverse, playful practices to kickstart their own journey into creative spirituality.  They can be used alone or as a complimentary support for those who have been to a live LILA event.

Why you’ll love using LILA Cards Daily

You’re probably like most of us who want to have some kind of consistent creative/spiritual/personal growth practice, yet you don’t want to get bored, stuck in a uninspiring rut or forced into something that really isn’t your style.  With LILA cards, you can choose a random card each day, go through the whole set sequentially, stick with one practice for a week or two, or use them in any creative way you wish!

Quality of Cards

These 4×6 Cards are printed on the thickest quality available (350gsm, or 16pt)  and have a UV glossy coating.  This deck is shrink-wrapped in plastic, though a LILA Cards 2 deck is planned that will include a box for all 52. 1 for each week of the year!

What do the cards look like?



Here’s a sampling of 26 titles of cards/practices in the deck:

        • KindMind: Authentic Affirmations
        • Candle Flame Meditation
        • Heart Language
        • Invocations
        • Mirror Mirror
        • Awakening Desire
        • Pop the Cork: Laughter
        • “I Like”
        • Who Are You?
        • Seasons & Cycles: Tree Meditation
        • Living Words
        • Battle Cry!
        • Fuck it!
        • Bless it ALL!
        • Heart Songs
        • Touchstone: Centering Prayer
        • Nature Walk
        • Beautification
        • Secret Service
        • Authentic Movement
        • Ecstatic dance
        • Wonderosity: Awakening Curiosity
        • Composting the Crap
        • Peeking Behind the Veil
        • The Dance of Acceptance
        • Make Peace with the Day

Who Will Benefit From LILA Cards?

While I like to think anyone will benefit, it does take a certain level of open mindedness.  I imagine 3 kinds of people who will be most attracted to LILA Cards:

          You love variety and novelty,
          you don’t want to be limited by one tradition, path or practice.  You want to taste & see it all!
        • BEGINNERS
          You are just beginning to explore ‘the big questions’ and matters of spirituality 
          and want to have direct experiences with ultimate reality and to form your own opinion about spiritual matters.
        • RECOVERERS
          You grew up in a religious/spiritual atmosphere that was so rule-based or steeped in fear and conformity that you forgot or repressed our own natural sense of “wonderosity” -your childlike curiosity about the weird and wonderful gift of existence -now you want it back!

LILA cards are going to help you and tens of thousands of others (hey, why not aim high?) to remember, feel and follow a sense of “Divine Delight”.  This world needs spiritual superheroes right now -those who have the heart and imagination of a child, the experienced and agile creativity of an open-minded adult and the courageous service of a superhero.

Heart-Led SuperHero

Heart-Led SuperHero

The creative, playful and powerful activities in these cards will help you to restore and explore your natural wonderosity, to choose and develop your own values, to follow the ‘art of your heart’ and to reconnect you to that which you consider Divine.  = Vitality. Connection. Transformation.

More Details About Leif, Spark & LILA Events

For those of you who are curious about the actual live LILA events we facilitate (perhaps you are considering an award that includes attending a full day or weekend retreat), below is a fun short peek into the world of LILA: Divine Playformation events. You’ll see samples of the kinds of activities we offer, hear testimonials from participants and watch an interview with me.

“I was completely blown away. I opened up, dug down deep, made friends with my vulnerability, and began to accept myself and my growth process. I discovered new ways of playing with my challenges and my relationship to the Divine. Leif created a collage of exercises and activities, and each one stretched me in a different way. I laughed, cried, made deep connections, relaxed in a safe space, and gained valuable tools to begin this new phase in my life. I feel like a different person after Lila–I’m finally growing into myself and accepting my vulnerability and my power. Lila transformed my life.” -Zoe Rae, Portland

Here are some more testimonials from LILA participants

Original Kickstarter Campaign Video

LILA Shots

LILA Shots

For those who are curious about the other kinds of events we offer (and that are included with some of the awards), this following short 1 minute video will give you a good sense of Spark Interaction‘s (my training and development agency) event facilitation and team trainings…

 Lastly, an old interview with silly ‘ol me…