Those who follow my work know that I often use the paradigm of “Life as Game”.  I’ve also come up with words like “playformation” (the transforming power of play) and “plerk” (play / learn /work) to try and unite the false dualities of play/work or play/serious to remind us of how serious, meaningful and ‘productive’ play can be.

There’s been another concept that keeps popping up for me in different forms:   “Life as Adventure Game”. I’ve written a number of articles and papers on this topic and eventually even did an outrageous masters thesis project about it, but I haven’t organized them enough yet to share them publicly.

In the mean time, and until I complete a much more rich group board game based on this concept, below are some draft RL RPG (Real Life Role Playing Game) Character Sheets that any fellow geeks can play with to see what they might spark in your imagination.  Enjoy 🙂

RL-RPG (Real Life Role Playing Game) Character Sheets