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The trouble with words like ‘divine’ and ‘play’…

How often do you let a deep sense of delight guide how you live your life?

One of the challenges with the work I do is that it often involves using “trigger” words -words that trigger past pain or conjure assumptions in ways that don’t end up serving either of us.

On that note, my most recent series of retreats about ‘Divine Play’ could be considered a double whammy!  Any ‘spiritual’ language is often going to quickly summon fierce inner guard dogs. And ‘play’ for many people, well, it’s just not something to take ‘seriously’. 🙂

Yet if you read on for a few more paragraphs, you might discover a possibility that could alter your life. Let me share what I’m really trying to say. Try to listen a little deeper behind the words…

On ‘Play’
When one has an attitude of play -of curiosity, exploration, creative experimentation, following delight, connecting with others, etc. -fresh life-altering discoveries can be made and our best ‘work’ is often done. Play is how we grew up and actually how we keep growing up. And, as plenty of research is now showing, it’s also how we stay young at heart, healthy and vitalized.

On ‘Divine’
While words will always fall short, especially in this domain, we all hold something as sacred, as special, as central to what makes “Life” most Alive. Whether one is most comfortable calling it a mystery, Love, God, the laws of the Universe, our heart of hearts, family, nature, Source, Spirit, etc., this central core is what I mean by ‘Divine’ and keep us all on the same playing field.

On ‘Lila/Divine Play’
If the most delightful and effective way to grow is through play, and if the Divine is that which we consider most makes our lives worth living, most delight-full, what would happen if you allowed yourself to fully integrate the two, not letting any fears, judgments, ego or other challenges get in the way?

My hope is that you already have plenty of support, environments, communities and opportunities where that is happening. If not, I strongly encourage you to seek it out. Seek out friendships, groups, classes, events, communities that are full of respect, mutual appreciation, and that allow you to playfully explore and grow into that which makes you feel fully alive, connected, creative and divinely delighted. As a participant from last weekend’s Lila Retreat said -“I realized that these aspects are what make life worth living.” (More Lila stories can be found here)

So, come join us for a Lila Retreat this fall or sometime next year…it’ll be an experience you never forget. We just finished our Seattle retreat and, reading the testimonials, it was a huge success. Feel free to call us about setting up a Lila retreat in your area or for your group. (206-428-7626)

Current Open Retreats:

Portland: THIS SATURDAY, Nov 9th, 10-5

Port Townsend: Nov 16th, 10-5

Whidbey Island, WA: WEEKEND RETREAT, Feb 28th-Mar 2nd, 2014

With Lila-Love,



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