“Following the Improv Spirit”
-A Virtual Learning Journey

-Join our Interactive Book Study any time (meets x2 a month)
-BIG Ideas + Online Experiments + Optional Quests
-Sliding Scale & Super-Easy way to Experience Leif’s Work!

“Improv Spirit” virtual learning journeys are an effective and fun way to receive the support you need to grow into your most empowered & creative self.

Our first and foundational “Improv Wisdom” interactive book study (starting Tuesday, April 7th) will give you the tools and skills you need to be more successful personally and professionally.  You’ll also learn the key principles underlying all our workshops and retreats, which will help both those who have attended or who plan to attend to more fully “follow the improv spirit” into a life of adventure, creativity, connection and fun.  You can join this innovative, affordable interactive book study group at any point!

Improv is not about being “witty” or about any particular style of theater.  Improvisation is simply what you’re doing when being authentic and living in the moment . Improvisation is ultimately about trusting and acting from your brilliant, bad-ass, creative self.

Yet it can be scary to open up to, trust and start really following that more authentic and radically free self!  Fears about making mistakes, being judged, “failing”, looking stupid, rocking the boat and on and on plague every one of us on some level.

In our ‘safe zones’ (around close friends and family) we may find this way of being easier, but when in new environments (whether personal or professional) we tend to struggle to stay grounded and to trust that what’s going to come out of our mouths is going to be anything other than a foot we’ll later need to remove! 🙂  So we ‘play it safe’ and end up acting from a ‘scripted’ or ‘presented’ self  -a self which is most often a fear-based image that lacks the much more interesting, attractive, vibrant, powerful and creative energy of a self-set-free!

What Your Journey Includes

  • An hour long interactive class using the cutting-edge Maestroconference platform
    • Chapter summary & teaching from nationally recognized Applied Improvisation expert Leif Hansen
    • Private breakout discussions and occasional interactivities related to that week’s chapter
    • Q&A & personal application with Leif Hansen
    • (Optional) Group “Quests” to integrate learnings between each call
  • Online Improv Spirit Facebook Group for additional resources, videos, articles, discussions and more!
  • Free digital copy of Leif’s “LILA Cards: Powerful, playful practices to help revitalize your Heart of hearts.”

Dates, Times & Key Details

  • You’ll meet the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of Each Month, from 11:30-12:30 PST
  • While this book series (see below) starts April 7th, you can join in any week (you don’t need to start at the beginning!)
  • Even if you don’t read the chapter for that week, you’ll still get a summary and interact with others.
  • Heart-led sliding-scale tuition rate between $10-$60
  • All calls are recorded, in case you miss any, PLUS you get access to all past class recordings! 
  • While I know you won’t want to, you can cancel your subscription at any point 

What life looks like when”following the improv spirit”:

  • Time to Step Up?Making decisions, connecting with others & expressing yourself from a more powerful, resourceful, heart-centered space.
  • Noticing new opportunities and having the courage to say to “yes!” to them in a co-creative way that moves you towards fulfilling life long dreams.
  • Freely & confidentially sharing about your business or creative passion in such an authentic, powerful and caring way that it directly connects with and inspires those you share with.
  • Listening more deeply to others and participating more collaboratively with personal and business partners.
  • Being more trusting, solution-focused and innovative in your approach towards every day challenges.
  • Seeing the ‘play of possibilities’ in life situations and being more game to joyfully participate.


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The Spring ’15 Book Study Focus: "Improv Wisdom" by Patricia Ryan Madsen

Spring 2015 Virtual Learning Journey

Spring 2015 Virtual Learning Journey

Improv Wisdom: Don’t Prepare, Just Show Up” by Patricia Ryan Madson is an incredible book. Powerful, practical and full of simple exercises to help you grow your improv spirit. 

“Improvisation is a metaphor, a path, and a system; it is a modus operandi that anyone can learn. Imagine a life brimming with spontaneity. See yourself coping effortlessly with a demanding boss, a tired child, an unexpected turn of fate. Hear yourself speaking at a meeting without a script. Feel yourself alive, poised, and ready for any adventure. Learn simple techniques used for centuries by actors and musicians, and discover how to apply them to your life. The world of improv is a portal into mindfulness and magic.” -Patricia Ryan Madson, Improv Wisdom (Intro)

You can download a free copy of the first chapter here.

Check the “Free Events” menu for upcoming introductory sessions.

Class & Chapter Titles
1. “Say Yes

2. “Don’t Prepare

3. “Just Show Up

4. “Start Anywhere

5. “Be Average”

6. “Pay Attention

7. “Face the Facts

8. “Stay on Course

9. “Wake up to the Gifts
10. “Make Mistakes, Please

11. “Act Now
12. “Take Care of Each Other

13. “Enjoy the Ride” + ‘Graduation’ Celebration!

"Improv" is Not What you Think. No need to be ‘clever’, funny or look silly...

“Improv” is Not What you Think.

If you’re like many people I’ve talked with over the years of doing this plerk (play/learn/work), words like “improv” either conjure up thoughts of “improv comedy” and thus “being funny on the spot” or various other terrifying and pressure inducing images.

This IS NOT AT ALL what I mean by improvisation.  Improvisation is what you do everyday when you feel safe enough to just be yourself –in conversations, in your creative hobbies and in so many other times and places.

It’s when your fears (of “looking silly”; “being judged”; “failing”; “being rejected”; “not being original or funny or creative enough”, etc.) come up that you freeze and kick into a ‘scripted’ or ‘presented’ self -a highly limited and blocked self.  Sadly, that is also when you cut off access to your most authentic self & access to free flowing innovative creativity (and so so so much more.)

Through this journey, I will help you learn the secrets of how to NOT LET THESE KINDS OF FEARS get in the way of living your life as fully, freely, creatively, playfully and meaningfully as possible.  And it won’t just be head-knowledge, like most classes these days.  You’ll get to experiment with some inter-activities during the calls and post-class ‘Quests’ to help you get beyond your brain.

And don’t worry, you will never be forced to do anything or to look silly or put yourself in an embarrassing situation that you don’t want to enter into.

What you can expect to get from this journey

Here’s what you’re likely to experience along the way:

  • Be inspired to live a more adventurous, heart-led, spontaneous life
  • Start saying “yes” to moving towards your deepest dreams.
  • Experience deep personal/professional insights and transformation.
  • Grow your creative flow & improvisational skills
  • Feel an increased sense of vitality, inspiration, and motivation in your everyday life.
  • Have plenty of interactive, innovative fun together!
  • Expand your edges, with wings on. Go “fear hunting” during optional quests!
  • Enjoy new, valuable, supportive relationships.

If the above dates/times don’t work or your budget is too strapped, we understand and have all been there before.  While we’ll miss you, I also offer a free weekly “Wonderosity” call each Friday at 1:00p PST. Join the call to meet Leif, stay connected to the Improv Spirit tribe, get a taste of what it’s all about or get your questions answers.

Click here to register for and read more details about the Weekly “Wonderosity” Call.