Join us each friday for 30-45 minutes for the Following the Improv Spirit Weekly “Wonderosity” Call!   You can get the call-in number and your own ID number here:

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Join Leif (& special guests) and meet others in this fun, free, short, power-packed and interactive weekly experience! (There will be an option to watch live video and recorded version as well.)

Register for the Weekly Call

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Purpose of the Calls

Why am I doing this?

  • To offer someone of value for free, so anybody can participate
  • So friends and fans of Spark Interaction, LILA Retreats, Improv Spirit Classes, past podcasts, etc. can keep connected
  • For people who don’t know me or my work to get a free live taste
  • To experiment with new virtual ways of connecting, interacting and improvising
  • To share about upcoming events and other offers

Sample Topics

-The Power of “Yes, And!”
-Wonderosity: Where Curiosity Kisses Wonder
-SoulTech: Conscious Technology Use & The Zombie -Resistance Revolution
-LILA: Divine Play
-Playformation & Plerking (Playing, Learning, Working)
-Pronoia: Divine Recycling
-Don’t Prepare, Just Show Up
-Accelerating “Failure” = Accelerating Growth
-Baby Juggling (just checking if you’re paying attention)
-Radical Self-Acceptance
-DailyDepth Practices
-Infinite Possibilities
-The Freedom of Choice
-Fear Hunting
-Creating Communities of Support
-And more

Loose Structure of the Calls

45 Minute Structure (Subject to Improv Changes!)

  1. Greeting and grounding/centering time
  2. Inspirational message/teaching/sharing from Leif or special guest
  3. Breakout group (usually 2 people) for follow-up question or interactivity
  4. We’ll then either have an open Q&A time or additional sharing & activities
  5. Announcements and upcoming offerings
  6. Optional integrative “Quest” for the weekend/week.

History of Wonderosity


Some of you know that for a number of years I had a popular podcast called “Wonderosity” (Where curiosity leads to Wonder).  I miss hosting those podcasts, letting my curiosity lead me wherever it wanted; having special guests to interview; etc.  What I don’t miss is all the editing I had to do for each show.  It eventually became too tedious and I also felt the pressure of it’s growing popularity. Life also just got busier.

Now, almost 10 years later, I’m trying to bring the spirit of it back.  But now, thanks to Maestroconference (the same platform used for the “Following the Improv Spirit” Class series) we can also have more interactivity with breakout groups for discussions and experiments, polling, etc.

Here’s an OLD Archive of past podcasts of mine (I believe between 2005-2009):